torsdag 29. januar 2015

The guide to the good life in beautiful Skudeneshavn

Many people dream of the slow life in a small picturesque village on the countryside. We present to you  our top five tips to reach the good life while visiting Skudeneshavn at the island Karmøy in Norway.

1. Invite some of your loved ones and take a stroll in Old Skudeneshavn. Beautiful white houses, rosegardens and nice people. Stop by "Verdens minste kafé" (Translated: "The smallest café in the world") or "Majorstuen café" in Søragadå for a coffée and a taste of Johannes´ famous waffles and a chat with this fascinating man over 80 years old behind the counter. You are guaranteed to meet interesting and nice people around the tables in his café.

2. The swan family is out for a swim! Take some time to sit down and admire the graceful swans by the harbor. Maybe you have some leftover bread crumbles to offer them?

3. Stop and smell the roses and enjoy a moment of pure happiness!

4. Enjoy a glass and a good read. The bookshop Hillesland Libris offer great books, - also in english. And this small town has its own library which is open on weekdays- it is worth a visit! In november local enthusiasts even arrange an international literature festival!
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5. The nature surrounding Skudeneshavn is wild and intriguing, and you find several sandbeaches a short drive from the town. Visit the beach on a sunny day for a short and refreshing (read: icecold) swim, or just for the splendid view of the green and blue ocean. Listen to the sound of the seagulls and smell the sea.

For more information: Visit Karmoy-Skudeneshavn

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